The goal is the name: Vitality

Texas Vitality is a team of dedicated professionals who aim to provide every patient a World-class healthcare experience.  Our drive is to help our patients acheive whatever goal they have for themselves, whether that is gaining muscle, losing weight, desiring their partner more, or being able to be intimate with their partner.  



Dr. Zachareas and his passion

Dr. Z Urologist

Texas Vitality is a concierge medical practice that was born out of the passion and experience Dr. Michael J Zachareas (“Dr. Z”) has for helping his patients feel the best they can. 

Dr. Zachareas is a well-known and very accomplished Board-Certified urologist who has specialized in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (bhrt) for decades. He knows a lot about testosterone, how it works, why it is essential, and how to treat patients with low testosterone levels.  He has literally helped thousands of patients feel better and has had a front row seat to hundreds and hundreds of stories of how bhrt has changed peoples health, and lives, for the better.

When it comes to the parts of your health that are most important to you, you want to make sure that you are seeing a medical professional who has real clinical knowledge and experience. So many “hormone replacement clinics” and “medspa” have providers who don’t (and never have) specialized in hormone health. Think about it for a moment, if you needed to have work done on your heart, would you go to see a foot specialist? Or a plastic surgeon? Of course not! Then why would you ever settle for anything less than a seasoned expert in Testosterone when it comes to treating your Low T?


Dr. Zachareas graduated from Wayne State University School of Medicine and was granted clinical honors in Internal Medicine, Neurology, and Surgery.

Medical Licenses: Texas, Massachusetts, and Michigan

USMLE, Step I, June 1995

USMLE, Step II, August 1996

USMLE, Step III, May 1999

American Board of Urology

Diplomate of The American Board of Urology

American Urological Association (2000 – present)

American Association of Clinical Urologists (2000 – present)

American Medical Association (1993 – present)

Michigan State Medical Association (2000 – present)

Dr. Zachareas and our Texas Vitality team don’t just treat numbers; we treat people.
People are individuals with individual histories and needs. We understand that and we want to know not just your testosterone level number; we want to know you! We want your Testosterone levels safely optimized to help you reach your full potential. That is another reason for starting Texas Vitality. People aren’t just numbers and shouldn’t just be treated as one.

Texas Vitality is committed to looking at your whole person (your needs, your goals, your symptoms, your history, and yes, your current Testosterone levels) and making the best plan for YOU.

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Look, Feel and Perform at Optimal Levels

Most people understand that when it comes to Testosterone, Urologists are among the most experienced and highly sought-after experts in the field.

This is because urologists deal with the systems of the body that create Testosterone.  They understand the dynamics of Testosterone production and deal with those issues every day with their patients.  If you are interested in Testosterone Replacement Therapy, don’t go and see just anybody, see an expert!  A Urologist is a doctor that specializes in the testicles and knows how and why they work and can help when they don’t.  If you are putting your health and well-being in the care of someone, shouldn’t they be the best, an expert?  You and your family deserve it!

Dr. Michael Zachareas is a Board-Certified Urologist who has spent decades treating men and women with low Testosterone.  Dr. Z, as he is known by his friends, has helped thousands of men and women who are suffering from the symptoms of Low T.  He understands how important Testosterone is to physical and mental health and has a deep and profound knowledge of how the body produces Testosterone and why it may not be.  Dr. Zachareas has experience and knowledge of every facet of Testosterone production.  He loves helping men and women feel and look their best, and he and his staff of hormone expert practitioners want to help you!


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