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Here are some things to think about when Considering TRT in Dallas, TX

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In 2018, The Median age of Dallas’ 660,000 men was right around 33 years old. Nowadays, 33 isn’t considered old, – it isn’t even considered middle aged. Heck, the average guy in Texas doesn’t get married until he’s almost 29.


Dallas, TX Telemedicine for Clinical TRT in Texas by Texas Testosterone | TRT HRT HGH Peptides in Dallas, TX

Thanks to advances in healthcare and lifestyle, most men and women in Dallas will live longer and healthier lives than the generations that came before them. Unfortunately, the human body hasn’t evolved quite as quickly. No matter how young 33 might feel to you, it is right on the cusp of when most men will start to experience a decrease in their body’s production of Testosterone.



At 33, many men are just starting to get their lives into high gear and don’t want anything to slow them down.  Testosterone starts developing in men even before they are born and it continues to increase in production util it reaches its peak production around the late 20’s and early 30’s. But after that, it starts to decline. One study, Testosterone for the aging male; current evidence and recommended practice” suggests that  “Total testosterone levels fall at an average of 1.6% per year whilst free and bioavailable levels fall by 2%–3% per year. This is a normal reduction in Testosterone Level is considered “normal.” But up to 40% of men over the age of 45  experience a sharper decline and experience “male hypogonadism” (or Low-T.) This means that if you’re 33 now, bu the time you’re 45, you could have lost 1/3 of your testosterone production.


Testosterone is often referred to as a sex hormone, and for good reason. It is the driving force behind normal sexual development in men – and even plays a role in female sexual development. But Testosterone is so much more as it plays a vital role in your physical, mental, and emotional wellness. 

Testosterone for your body

Do you work out? Texas Vitality can help improve muscle density, improve your muscle strength and endurance, while also reducing body fat. It also helps to keep you healthy by improving your bone density, strengthening your immune system, and improving your recovery time from both injury and illness. It can even improve your skin tone and circulation.

Testosterone for your mind

Several studies have shown that Testosterone can help improve your cognitive function and memory. There is also an indication that Testosterone may help you maintain your brain cells as you get older.

Testosterone for your spirit

Testosterone plays a big role in helping to moderate your mood and reduce irritability: It helps improve your sleep; It provides increased energy by increasing red blood cell production; and, it has been shown to reduce symptoms of depression.


Dallas is the commercial, cultural and financial epicenter of the SouthWest, and to get the most out of it, you need to be at your peak. That’s why many men are turning to Testosterone Replacement Therapy to help them keep their edge.

That’s why Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or TRT, is becoming one of the fastest-growing treatment options in Men’s Health. And Texas Vitality is your one-stop source for TRT and Growth Hormone Peptide therapy in the Dallas area.


Dallas Testosterone will bring peak performance

Former Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith said during his NFL Hall of fame induction, “Every time fans turned on the television or watched the Dallas Cowboys, I wanted to give them the performance of a lifetime.

If you’re looking to be able to give your “best performance” every day, then Texas Vitality can help. We’ve made testosterone replacement therapy safe, convenient and simple for Dallas men who need it.

The process starts with a lab test.  Texas Vitality will help you coordinate you sample collection at one of our dozens of lab locations in and around Dallas. We have partnered with two of the world’s leading diagnostic labs, Quest Diagnostics and Lab Corp to make it quick and easy for you to go for your blood draw.

Call us at 214-499-9158 today, and our team will help you find the location that is most convenient for you.



Unlike many TRT providers who do their own lab work in-house,  we outsource the diagnostic lab part of the business for two very important reasons. First, our partner labs can conduct a more comprehensive test than simple in-office machines can provide. This also frees our staff up to focus 100% on developing a customized treatment specifically for you. Second, having access to all the LabCorp and Quest diagnostic facilities makes it significantly easier for our clients. There’s no long wait times for appointments, no need to travel into the city, and you can maintain both social distance and your privacy.

Typically, your blood work is in less than 48 hours. At this point our respected clinical staff, overseen by Board Certified Urologist Dr. Michael Zacharaes will review your results and (If appropriate) we will schedule a consultation with you to better understand your lifestyle, your health history and your goals.

Like our lab work, we strive to make this process simple and safe for both our clients and staff. To that end, we have created a telemedicine protocol that will allow you to conduct your consultation from the privacy and convenience of your home.

Texas Vitality will have your medication shipped quickly and discreetly to your home address  Depending on where you live in the greater Dallas area, this could mean you get your first dose of medication as quickly as the next day. With Texas Vitality, our commitment is to your safety and privacy and eliminating the need to wait in line a pharmacy is a big part of that process.

Texas Vitality team will help you understand how you can safely administer your Testosterone Injections in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  At Texas Vitality, we are 100% dedicated to getting you the help you need quickly, professionally, and affordably as we possibly can!


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