Low T, or low Testosterone, is becoming more widely understood by both the medical community and the public-at-large.

Both men and women can have low testosterone and maybe suffering unnecessarily from low energy, lack of libido, brain fog and for women vaginal dryness.  As the diagnosis becomes more commonplace, so has Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Testosterone injections are one of the safest and most popular methods for delivering this important treatment for women and men looking to improve their health, well-being, and quality of life.

Injections at home

Your medications are shipped (discreetly) directly to you from the pharmacy. Testosterone Injections are administered by you with a sterile syringe directly into the muscle or fat. Your body slowly absorbs the Testosterone into the bloodstream, where it is delivered throughout the body. Testosterone injections are generally administered in the buttocks or the thigh or in a fat storage area around your belly and can be done safely in the privacy of your own home.  You use an insulin needle which is tiny and almost completely painless.  Many patients have concerns about being able to give themselves a shot but we have not had a single patient who could not do it after being trained properly either in person or watching our videos.

At Home Testosterone
Injections in Texas

The process at Texas Vitality is very simple, your medication is shipped directly to you. Our team will show you how and when to administer your treatment yourself – and you can do it in the privacy of your own home. This simple, convenient, and discreet method of treatment that puts your safety first by eliminating needless office visits. When combined with our HIPPA-compliant, secure Telemedicine system, Texas Vitality can offer a virtual, contact-free treatment experience that helps promote social distancing Testosterone injections are generally administered in the buttocks or the thigh or in a fat storage area and can be done in the privacy of your own home.


What are the Benefits of Testosterone

Many of our patients have experienced:

Improved Energy / Drive

Increased lean muscle mass and strength

Improved sleep

Improved libido

Improved mood

Improved sexual function

Better cognitive function and ability to concentrate

A possible reduction in osteoporosis

In short, Testosterone injections may be able to help restore that youthful vigor that many men and women fear was gone for good as they get older.


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