Brings TRT and Hormone Peptide Therapy to McAllen-area Men

According to recent Census data, the average age of a man in the McAllen area is approximately 35 years old. Nearly 1/3 of the population fall between the ages of 30 and 49. Coincidentally, this is about when many men start to experience the symptoms of aging that come along with Low Testosterone Levels, or Low-T.

McAllen, TX Telemedicine for Clinical TRT in Texas by Texas Testosterone | TRT HRT HGH Peptides in McAllen, TX

What Is Testosterone and What Does It Do?

Testosterone is the major sex hormone found in males and is produced by the testes. (In women, the ovaries also produce Testosterone, but in significantly lower amounts.) Testosterone plays a major role in the development of male sex characteristics during and after puberty, including:

  • The deepening of the voice
  • Growth of facial and pubic hair
  • Maintaining your sex drive (or “libido”)
  • Production of sperm
  • Reducing impotence and erectile dysfunction (ED)
How Does Low-Testosterone Impact Your Health?

Just because Testosterone has humble origins in your nether-regions, don’t think that is its only job. In fact, Testosterone plays a big role in several of the body’s functions and can impact your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Physically: Testosterone can reduce your body fat while improving your muscle density and strength. It also improves your bone density and your immune system and helps you recover quicker from injury and illness. It can even improve your skin tone and circulation.

Mentally: For your brain, Testosterone can help improve your cognitive function, memory, and even help you sleep better. Early research indicates that it may help you maintain your brain cells as you get older.

Emotionally: Testosterone helps improve your mood, provides increased energy by increasing red blood cell production, and can even reduce symptoms of depression.

All this is why it is so important to monitor and maintain a normal T-Level as you get older.

Dallas, TX Telemedicine for Clinical TRT in Texas by Texas Testosterone | TRT HRT HGH Peptides in Dallas, TX

What Happens to My Testosterone Levels as I Get Older?

Testosterone production in men begins as early as the first trimester in the womb and continues to increase through puberty and into early adulthood. It reaches its peak production around the late 20’s and early 30’s. But after that, it’s downhill as production starts to decrease by about 1-2% every year.

While this reduction in Testosterone Level is considered “normal,” a surprising number of men have a much more rapid decline. In medical terms, this is called “male hypogonadism” (or Low-T for the rest of us), and it affects up to 40% of men over the age of 45!

What Happens to Men with Low-T?

Symptoms of Low Testosterone vary for everyone based on a lot of factors – age being the most prominent one.  But regardless of how many miles you may have on your odometer, Low-T isn’t something you want to mess around with. It can have several bad consequences, including:

  • Lower sex drive (libido)
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Decreased sense of well-being
  • Depressed mood
  • Difficulties with concentration and memory
  • General fatigue
  • Increased irritability
  • Loss of muscle
  • Increased body fat
  • A decrease in hemoglobin and mild anemia
  • A decrease in body hair
  • A decrease in bone density (osteoporosis)
  • Man Boobs (“Gynecomastia”)
  • Infertility

That’s why Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or TRT, is becoming one of the fastest-growing treatment options in Men’s Health. And Texas Vitality is your one-stop source for TRT and Growth Hormone Peptide therapy in the McAllen area.

Dallas, TX Telemedicine for Clinical TRT in Texas by Texas Testosterone | TRT HRT HGH Peptides in Dallas, TX

Finding TRT near McAllen

For men in McAllen looking to regain that spring in their step, Texas Vitality has made it convenient, easy, and safe to get evaluated and begin therapy (if appropriate). The process starts with a simple lab test.  Texas Vitality has partnered with two of the world’s leading diagnostic labs and has dozens of locations in McAllen and the surrounding towns where you can go for your blood draw. Call us at 214-499-9158 today, and we can help you find the location that is most convenient for you.

The reason we use local labs in and around McCallen is that we do a more comprehensive test than simple in-office machines can provide. Our partners LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics can provide us with a full picture of health condition, while helping to dial in your Testosterone levels.

Typically, your blood work comes back to McCallen team within 1-2 days. From there, they will be reviewed by our respected clinical staff, overseen by Board Certified Urologist Dr. Michael Zacharaes.  If appropriate, we will schedule a consultation with you to better understand your health history and your goals so we can create a customized program for you.

To make this process as simple and safe for our clients and staff, we have created a telemedicine protocol that allows you to talk with our staff from the privacy and convenience of your home.


TRT Delivered Right to Your Home in McAllen

Keeping with our commitment to safety and privacy, Texas Vitality will have your medication shipped quickly and discreetly to your address. Depending on where you live in the greater McAllen area, you may be able to get your medication as soon as the very next day! With Texas Vitality, there is no waiting in line at the pharmacy or trips back to our office.

Our team will show you how to safely administer your Testosterone Injections in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You administered testosterone injections with a sterile syringe directly into the muscle or subcutaneously into your fat (usually in your thigh or butt) where your body slowly absorbs it, and the bloodstream carries it throughout your body

At Texas Vitality, we are 100% dedicated to getting you the help you need quickly, professionally, and affordably as we possibly can!

Getting Started on TRT

It all starts with a phone call. Texas Vitality has done everything to break down the barriers that have prevented men from getting the help they need. Whether you’re looking to improve your love life, see more gains from your workout, or just be a healthier husband, father, or grandfather, Texas Vitality is here to help the men of McAllen reach their goals.

For more information on how you can get an initial consultation, please call 214-499-9158 today.

Please note: Texas Vitality follows all state and federal guidelines and uses a clinically approved protocol that puts safety first and provides our clients with a direct telemedicine consultation in the convenience and privacy of their own homes.

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