TRT, HGH Peptides and the Single Man

Men today are living longer than previous generations. Perhaps more importantly, we are living much fuller and active lives – well past what was once considered “middle-aged.” 60 is the new 40 and 40 is the new 30.


For many men, this means wanting to look, feel, and perform your best – at work and at play. While you can shop for new clothes, new tech, and new cars, the best investment you can make is in yourself. That’s my so many single men are turning to Testosterone Replacement Therapy and HGH Peptide Therapy to help them fend off the symptoms of aging.




Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve had a new partner. Maybe you’ve developed some bad habits or a medical condition that make getting or keeping an erection challenging. Or maybe you’re looking to improve your sex life the way you strive to improve every other aspect of your life.


Regardless of the reason, TRT and HGH Peptide Therapy can help improve your desire and your performance.


A common result of Low-T in older men is a lower desire for sex. TRT and HGH Peptide treatments have demonstrated the ability to improve men’s sexual desire. A prominent 2016 study of more than 700 men showed that men treated with Testosterone Gel saw “a significant increase in testosterone levels as well as libido.”


Bremelanotide PT-141 Therapy: One particular HGH Peptide treatment, called Bremelanotide PT-141, is a peptide hormone that has been shown to produce sexual arousal in the central nervous system and influence sexual behavior. PT- 141 has been so effective in helping male test patients during trials that many have reported “intense” and “frequent” erections lasting between 2 and 6 hours.


Patients treated with the Bremelanotide PT-141 also reported “significantly greater intercourse satisfaction” than those in the placebo group.  Male and female genitals become more sensitive, and the pleasure arousing centers become more heightened.


Everyone responds differently to PT 141, so it is important to find out if you are a good candidate


TRT For ED: The direct relationship between ED and Testosterone is complex and not yet fully understood by clinicians. What is known is that Erections depend on Testosterone, and Low-T levels are linked to many of the conditions that cause ED. While some men can still get erections with lower than normal T-Levels, TRT has been proven to help improve symptoms of ED in men with Low-T (called Hypogonadism).




No matter if your goal is to get a six-pack, to run that charity 10k, or just to keep up with the kids, it’s no secret that working out as you age gets harder. Low-T is one of the main culprits that slows down men over 40 when they hit the gym or go for a run. TRT and HGH Peptide therapy can help reverse that trend for several reasons.


Build Lean Muscle and Reduce Fat: Testosterone has long been known as the building block for lean muscles in men. Testosterone Replacement Therapy has been shown to decrease fat mass and increase muscle size and strength in men with Low-T. Testosterone deliverd from TRT attaches itself to the androgen receptors of the body, promoting better muscle cell structure and muscle growth.


Improved Recovery and Less Risk of Injury: Testosterone’s role in soft tissue injury recovery and cell development is well documented. Adequate testosterone levels are required for the production of IGF-1, a wound-healing agent. This can allow you to bounce back faster from heavy workouts and continue to see gains faster.


Testosterone Improves Your Bone Density. A study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine found that older men on TRT for one year experienced increased volumetric bone mineral density (vBMD) and estimated bone strength, particularly in the spine. This reduces your potential for bone injury and osteoporosis.




Vanity be damned, looking good is important in all aspects of life. Besides improving your workouts, TRT and HGH Peptide therapy offer several other ways for you to look younger and healthier as you get older.


Reduce Belly Fat with Tesamorelin Peptide Therapy:  The FDA has approved Tesamorelin for use to reduce fat accumulated around the waistline, and clinicians are using it as a way for people to fight back against the symptoms of aging. Belly fat is one of the most common and difficult problems to overcome. Tesamorelin has shown promising results to help you reduce fat in these problem areas.


TRT for Healthier Skin: The image of a steroid-filled athlete bursting with acne is long gone. In fact, maintaining adequate testosterone levels is critical for healthy skin. It can help skin regenerate quicker,  helps maintain moisture, and reduces wrinkles by improving elasticity.




People are attracted to people who are happy with themselves. If looking better, performing better, and improving your body composition isn’t enough, TRT and Hormone Peptide Therapy offers several additional benefits to help improve your mood, increase your energy and give you a more positive outlook on life.


Increase Energy with Better Oxygen Flow: TRT can aid in the production of red blood cells and Hemoglobin, which carry oxygen throughout the body. It does this in part by increasing the production of Erythropoietin (EP), a protein that directly stimulates bone marrow to produce red blood cells and by suppressing Hepcidin and allowing the body to increase absorption of iron. In simple terms, more Hemoglobin means more oxygen, and more oxygen means more energy.


Reduce Depression: A 10-year study of more than 3000 older men indicated that Low serum testosterone was associated with an 86% increased hazard of depression. TRT helps to maintain your testosterone levels and may help regulate the serotonine and cortisol, chemicals in the brain that regulate your mood.


Sleep Better: TRT can help improve your sleep by helping to balance your body’s circadian rhythm and overall sleep cycle. Better sleep also leads to a stronger immune system, faster recovery from injury and workouts, and a much less grumpy morning.


Stay Sharp: TRT can help keep your mental game sharp by improving your memory and cognitive functions. A recent study showed that patients with Low-T who received TRT scored significantly better when tested regarding spatial memory, constructional abilities, and verbal memory.



Regardless of your reasons, getting back to feeling like you did when you were younger is possible with Texas Men’s Health Group. We can help you fight the symptoms of aging and Low-T by creating a personalized treatment regimen for you that fits your needs and lifestyle.


If you’d like to get back in the game today, please call our office at 214-499-9158 or email:, and we’ll help get you on your way to looking and feeling like the best version of yourself.